School of Education & Humanities

The PUCPR School of Education and Humanities offers a wide range of cultural perspectives, scientific, technical and human dimensions to train leading professionals, global citizens attentive to the challenges of contemporary society.

The harmony between the human, the social, the technological, and the biological composes a context in which science meets the human perception to give meaning to humanity. From the cognitive to the ethical, from the aesthetic to the technical, from the immediate to the transcendent, the areas of Education and Humanities are responsible for training professionals of high impact on social transformation, capable of seeking the guarantee of individual and collective rights.


The PUCPR School of Education and Humanities can be considered the birthplace of our the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná. Not only because our school hosted the first programs, but also because of its strong bond with the university’s project, values, and mission. The Marist’s educational principles, devoted to the development of critical, solidary, honest, cooperative, and dedicated citizens are part of our day-to-day activities, reaching the entire academic community.


A huge diversity of degree programs is offered at our school. From short-term workshops to doctorate studies, interweave knowledge from biological, human, theological and technological realms. We are especially concerned with contemporary educational and human rights challenges, as we live in a growing complex, intercultural and globalized world, marked not only by diversity, but also by social and economic inequalities, and different power relationships.

The School of Education and Humanities research and socio-educational projects conducted are keystones in our contribution to the construction of a better world. In this sense, our undergraduate program’s curricula has been under recent reformulation in order to foster competencies, abilities and learning outcomes in adherence to contemporary professional needs.

Ten, out of the thirteen undergraduate programs* we offer, are focused on graduating future professors, offering high skills academic training in Biology, Physical Education, Pedagogy, Social Sciences, Philosophy, History, Portuguese – English, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. The curriculum highlights interdisciplinary teaching and research, including cutting-edge disciplines, fostering active learning and academic careers.

Our highly regarded, traditional, baccalaureates* in Philosophy, Social Service, and Theology, are also the pillars of the school’s mission to promote knowledge diffusion, solidarity, and ethics through integral educational processes. The school’s Center of Human Rights promotes diverse events, debates, research, consultancy, and social projects, in a unique environment that articulates teaching, learning and university extension way beyond institutional walls.

The School of Education and Humanities also offers a diverse set of Extended Learning programs in Pedagogy, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Social Service, Languages, and Mathematics. It holds master degrees programs in Education, Philosophy, Theology, and Human Rights and doctorate degrees programs in Education, Philosophy, and Theology.

*Links with more information in Portuguese.