Campus Florence

Welcome to PUCPR Campus Florence!

Florence is the capital and largest city of the Tuscany region of Italy, with more than 380 thousand inhabitants. Known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is the Italian historic center that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and in 1993 has been declared as one of Worlds Heritage Site by UNESCO. Florence has been chosen to house the first international Campus for Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, alongside Kent State University.

About Florence, Italy

Florence houses the Galleria delle Uffizi, or Uffizi Gallery, which is the most important museum of the city and one of the main museums in Italy. You will also find the fantastic artwork of Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Tiziano, and Caravaggio.

Strolling through Florence is like traveling to the past, after all, the city of more than 2 thousand years old has a Renaissance and historical architecture, making us sigh for its charm and beauty.

About the Campus

The Campus Florence is shared among 4 major universities: PUCPR, Kent State University (EUA), Dankook University (South Korea), and Webster University (USA).

That means the campus can be considered a melting pot place, which is always filled with professors and students from all over the world, making diversity and different cultures present in everyday life. Besides, the students can also sign up for courses from the partner universities and earn its certificates.

How does it work?

The Campus Florence is PUCPR’s newest campus. As such, it will offer the students a variety of PUCPR short-term programs, and undergraduate and graduate courses in the most varied areas of knowledge, among other PUCPR opportunities in Italy.

In addition, the Campus Florence works as an international hub and it can offer courses from the partner universities, Kent State, Dankook, and Webster University. Just check the list of courses offered, find one of your interest, sign up, go through the selection process (when available), pack and go.

Offered courses

Courses soon to be offered by PUCPR.


Kent State University

Kent State Florence International Institute

The Kent State International Institute is the Kent State University’s summer program for international students. With classes offered from July to August, the Kent State International Institute offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Italian art, history, and culture and to study in a classroom with students from all over the world. Learn more and apply for the 2020 edition soon.

| Target audience: undergraduate students (PUCPR and other HEI)

| Admissions: the Kent State Florence International Institute admission process includes an application form, submission of the transcripts with a minimum GPA of 2.5, and a $60 application fee.

| Courses offered: students should choose one or two course(s) from the following (list from 2019):

  • Plague, Patronage, and Power: Italian Literature from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
  • The Italian Renaissance and Utopian World-Making
  • Basic Conversational Italian
  • Italian Fashion and Culture
  • The Golden Age of Italian Art
  • Italian Cinema
  • Italian History & Culture
  • Italian Mafia: History and Stereotypes
  • The Luxury Market and Italian Business Excellence
  • Food and Culture in Italy

| Language of the courses: the courses of the Kent State Florence International Institute will be taught in English, with the exception of Basic Conversational Italian, in Italian.

| Costs: the tuition amount will depend on the number of courses (credits) to be performed. Check out the prices for 2019:
– 1 course (3 credits): US$2,475*
– 2 courses (6 credits): US$4,950*

The program, housing, and insurance rates are charged separately
– Accommodation in a shared furnished apartment: US$875
– Program fee: US$800**
– Insurance: US$50

TOTAL: US$1,725

– All travel costs (passport, visa, airfare, etc.) are the responsibility of the student.

*PUCPR students will have access to an exclusive scholarship of US$500, to be deducted from this amount. The discount will be automatically released by Kent State University’s Global Office staff and after enrollment.

**The program fee includes visits to museums, social activities, field trips, and activities, etc.

What courses are offered at the Campus Florence?

Numerous modalities for PUCPR courses will be offered at Florence Campus starting in 2019, with possibilities of short-term programs, post-graduation courses, even a full semester of undergraduate programs.  In addition, the Campus Florence functions as an international hub and may also have courses offered by partner universities – Kent State University, Dankook University, and Webster University.

All courses will be published on the website (link to

How do I apply?

The admission process of the courses offered in the Campus Florence should vary from one course to another, and may or may not include items such as the IRA (Academic Performance Index) or GPA (Grade Point Average), proficiency in the offered course  language (English, Italian, Portuguese or other), etc. Some courses may also be offered only to students from specific programs at PUCPR or from specific periods of the program.

Check out the description of the target audience and the admissions of the course of your interest.

In what language will the courses be taught?

The courses can be offered in Portuguese, English, Italian, and/or other languages, depending on the course proposal and the professor who will teach the classes.

Check out the language of the course you are interested in.

I am not a PUCPR student, can I study at the Campus Florence?

Those who are not yet a PUCPR student may apply for the short-term programs, open to the general public, offered by PUCPR or partner universities at the Campus Florence. The programs offered as part of the PUCPR undegraduate or graduate programs will be exclusively for students previously enrolled in PUCPR’s specific program.

Just find a course of your interest, check if it is available for non-PUCPR students, sign up, go through the selection process (when available), pack and go.

How much will the courses offered at Campus Florence cost? What will be the payments methods?

The costs ​​of the courses offered at Campus Florence may vary according to the course chosen, and enrollment, tuition, and monthly fees may be charged, as well as costs related to housing, food and others.

All travel costs will be full responsibility of the student, and the mobility team of PUCPR International will assist them, from visa support (if necessary), to housing and food options during their stay at Florence Campus.


For more information about PUCPR Campus Florence and the courses offer, please contact PUCPR International at [email protected]