We are delighted that you have chosen PUCPR as your new destination. In this page, you will find useful and practical information regarding your life in Brazil and at PUCPR. Do count on us for support and enjoy your Brazilian experience.

For detailed information, download our Studend Handbook below:


Brazilians are mostly receptive and hospitable. Generally, the greetings are with kisses and hugs, even at the first meeting. Do not be surprised! Especially in Curitiba, people are a little bit more reserved but, once they know you, they can be great friends.

Remember that, in spite of being in a strange place, surrounded by unknown people, you are not alone. Try to learn more about Brazilian culture and soon you will get used to the Brazilian way of life. Do not hesitate to ask for help or clarification on any misunderstanding concerning Brazilian culture, especially to your new PUCPR classmates. Also, always keep in mind that the PUCPR International office is your “safe harbor”, where you can count with all the support you may need.


Lorea Larrañaga Domínguez

Université Lumière Lyon 2 | France

“It is hard for me to put into words what coming to Brazil meant to me. We all know that going abroad can be a challenging experience, but choosing Brazil and PUCPR is by far the best decision I have ever made. Here I met the most wonderful people and experienced by their side unforgettable moments. The international office and local students welcome you in a way that you won’t even feel the need to miss home. The only though part is that, eventually, the exchange comes to an end. Thank you PUCPR for letting me live this amazing experience.”

estudante intercâmbio pucpr

Olivia Balducci

Università della Repubblica di San Marino | Italia

“I left Italy without knowing what was waiting for me in Brazil, but here I discovered a world completely different from what I imagined, I met fantastic people who now have become a second family for me. I felt indescribable emotions, hard to forget. I thank PUCPR for giving me the opportunity to giving me this experience, each one of you made us grow and taught us something. Thanks”

estudante intercâmbio pucpr

Josué Josafat Del Campo Márquez

Universidad de Guadalajara | Mexico

“Coming to Brazil has been one of the biggest challenges of my life, the difference in language, being far from my everyday life. PUC was a place where I felt at home, I was filled with new experiences, I got in touch with people from all over the world and they also opened the possibility of understanding the Brazilian environment to be able to develop inside and outside of school, without any doubt an incredible experience and only. You will have a great time.”

estudante intercâmbio pucpr

Hiromi Saisho Luya

Universidad San Martin de Porres | Peru

“The most divine thing while studying at PUCPR was to live every second like never before. My experience was amazing, I learned a lot!”


Almost 100% of Brazilian people speak Brazilian Portuguese, so it is interesting that you develop some Portuguese skills before coming or while at PUCPR. A useful way to do that is to practice your Portuguese regularly – locals will appreciate your efforts and will usually do their best to understand what you need.

If you are already comfortable with the language prior to the beginning of the academic semester, you will have the amazing opportunity at PUCPR to take courses from your area of studies completely in Portuguese with a majority of Brazilian colleagues inside your classroom.

If you do not speak Portuguese, do not worry. At PUCPR you will have the opportunity to take classes from the Global Classes Program, from which you will be able to choose from a diverse range of courses offered entirely in a foreign language for the whole semester, plus four different levels of Portuguese as second language classes. Also, it will not be hard to find other languages speakers in the big cities, especially English and Spanish.


The Brazilian money is the Real (BRL or R$) and you can check the current money exchange rate here. The average amount of money you will need to live in Curitiba is approximately BRL 2,800 per month, as follows:

Accommodation: BRL 800,00 – 1.500,00
Food: BRL 800,00 – 1.000,00
Transportation (public bus line): BRL 200,00 – 280,00

Many websites can help you calculate your monthly budget as well. For more information, access:


In Brazil most of the institutions do not provide on-campus accommodation but PUCPR International team will assist you to find a suitable place to live in Curitiba. Our accommodation network includes flats, hostels, and homestays. Further information at [email protected]


The objective of the University Clubs project is to stimulate the creation of groups of students at PUCPR. These groups are suggested and managed by the students themselves, having a variety of themes such as arts, culture, games, music, etc.

The iExchange Club is another opportunity to promote culture exchange and it is designed for international students of PUCPR that would like to meet and interact with local and international students. The idea is to provide a joyful and exciting experience for the ones starting a new journey of their life in our city.


While in Brazil, you will be invited to participate of our International Week, which is an event aimed at promoting the PUCPR International’ services and internationalization actions to our local students. This is also a great opportunity to hear from students about their experiences as an exchange student outside Brazil, and to interact with our international students and learn more about the academic and social life abroad.


Music is part of the university, and it is promoted through orchestra groups, either in its full lineup or in quartets, small chamber groups, or as soloists. Students majoring in music at PUCPR play leading roles in these activities.

Founded in 1972, the Champagnat Choir is composed of students, faculty, and staff, and is also open to community participants.

PUCPR organizes an annual music festival intended for students and members of the alumni program. In recent years, many different talents have been revealed, including performers and composers.

Offered by the Undergraduate Theater Program, the Teatime Theatre Team (TTT) is an English-language theater project open to students of all programs, teachers and staff of the Marist Group. The TTT seeks to promote the improvement of theatrical activities and it allows the practice of English.


PUCPR encourages its students, faculty, and staff to engage in volunteer work, coordinated by the university’s Pastoral Center, created to promote student engagement in Catholic and Marist youth movements. One of the Pastoral main projects is the work with PUCPR’s mission, which brings students to a greater understanding of the reality of communities in vulnerable situations. The goal is to provide them with a missionary experience, so the contact with different scenarios may inspire the development of their human and Christian values, thus contributing to the growth of social change representatives.

– 4000 students participate in projects at the Pastoral Center

– 150,000 hours dedicated by students to community projects, with 32 partner institutions

Click here to learn more (in Portuguese).


The Sports Center at PUCPR offers various fitness facilities, including an indoor heated Olympic swimming pool and water aerobics classes, multi-purpose sports courts (Volleyball, Futsal, Basketball, Tennis, and Squash) and a synthetic grass court, a gymnasium with 2,500 seats, a running track and a group for street running, a fitness center with bodybuilding, spinning, duathlon, flex ball classes and local body parts work-outs, martial arts facilities, and a weight room. The sports center serves both the university and local communities, offering the best space for sports practice, major tournaments, competitions or championships.