Educational excellence, innovation-driven entrepreneurship, and multi and intercultural learning form PUCPR’s primary purposes. As a result, the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná has earned national and international recognition through the most important higher education ranking in the world: The Times Higher Education, which has placed PUCPR among the top universities in Brazil. With almost 60 years of dedication to higher education and research, PUCPR is the largest private higher education university in the state of Paraná, and one of the most reputable universities in Brazil.



PUCPR provides education to skilled professionals to act as transforming leaders in society. Through the promotion of ethical values and commitment to the local and regional community, PUCPR has established its identity, contributing substantially to building a better society.

Over time, PUCPR has graduated over 100,000 students. The University has taken a path towards globalization by integrating several cultures and sharing knowledge internationally. PUCPR is becoming a key promoter of innovation and is strengthening a network that stimulates knowledge sharing and applied research.


Mission | The Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, guided by ethical, Christian and Marist principles, has as Mission the development and dissemination of knowledge and culture and the promotion of comprehensive and permanent qualification of citizens and professionals committed to the life and to the progress of the society.

Vision | To become, until 2022, a world-class higher education institution, with excellence in teaching, research, innovation, and social relevance.


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"It is crucial to have the university student as a partner on the path to the future"

Education can transform the world, and the university is the most powerful instrument for this transformation. PUCPR is geared toward addressing global challenges, offering the best education and the most exciting environment dedicated to research. Primarily, though, we strive to look beyond our own campus. We want to develop highly skilled and professionally competent people, who dream about doing things differently, changing realities, and making a  significant contribution to building a better society. We work closely with the community and create solutions that represent true advances in Brazil’s development, in the life of every human being, and in the generation of knowledge on a global scale. Therefore, the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, built on Marist tradition, is dedicated to teaching its students to dream big to change the world, considering faith as a fundamental and irreplaceable element of this effort.


Grand Chancellor: Metropolitan Archbishop Dom José Antonio Peruzzo

Rector: Prof. Waldemiro Gremski

Vice-Rector: Prof. Vidal Martins

Pro-Rector for Undergraduate Studies: Prof. Renata Iani Werneck

Pro-Rector for Research, Graduate Studies, and Innovation: Prof. Paula Cristina Trevilatto

Pro-Rector for Mission, Identity, and Extension: Brother Rogério Renato Mateucci