Campus Londrina

Founded in 2002, the PUCPR Londrina Campus is nationally and internationally recognized for its excellence in Teaching, Research, and Extended Learning. For the second consecutive year, the PUCPR Londrina Campus has been nominated as the best private university in the city, according to the Folha de São Paulo’s University Ranking (RUF 2017). With its strong and active presence in the city and region, the university has been contributing to the development of society, graduating competent professionals and ethical citizens, and providing various services to the community.


| Undergraduate Programs (in Portuguese):   Administration    |    Accounting    |    Law    |    Production Engineering    |    Medicine    |    Psychology    |    Theology


The programs of the PUCPR Londrina Campus are continuously updated, accompanying and anticipating trends within the professions and the job market. Research and innovation are top priorities for PUCPR. Here the students have numerous opportunities to taking part in Scientific Initiation and Extended Learning Projects.

Continuing Education is one of the hallmarks of the PUCPR Londrina Campus, which offers Extended Learning programs in several areas of knowledge.

In addition to face-to-face programs, the PUCPR Londrina Campus offers E-Learning Undergraduate Programs and ensures a world-class virtual learning environment where students can interact with their tutors and peers, as well as to access the courses and complete their activities.

This virtual environment focuses on online undergraduate students, based on the philosophy of integration, collaborative learning, and flexibility.

The PUCPR Londrina Campus has a complete infrastructure to support its students, with well-equipped classrooms, library, didactic and research labs, presentation halls, parking lot, among others. Innovative teaching methodologies invigorate, stimulate and enhance the learning level of students. Besides, the PUCPR Londrina Campus offers several services to its students:


The PUCPR Londrina Campus promotes the preparation of professionals within the global community. There are more than 200 partner institutions around the world, where the students can carry out academic or cultural exchange and internationalize his curriculum.


The PUC Career Center (Núcleo de Empregabilidade e Oportunidades – NEO) offers several services that can help the students for the planning and self-management of their career, increasing their potential for employability and entrepreneurship.


At the PUCPR Londrina Campus, the students experience a complete educational development experience. The undergraduate students can carry out social actions in the most diverse areas, such as health, culture, education, and environment. Moreover, through the Pastoral, the students take part in programs that include spirituality, solidarity, a life project, and institutional and personal identity.


Starting University life can be challenging: as to adapt to a new environment, organize the studies, be away from the family, or even to conciliate academic and social life can be overwhelming. So, for any student facing any distress, the PUCPR Londrina Campus offers the Psycho-Pedagogical Support Service Center (SEAP) that houses a group of well-prepared professionals who work with social, psychological, pedagogical, and guiding matters.


At the PUCPR Londrina Campus, you acquire professional skills and human values, essential for the development of a responsible and committed career with society in the long run. Come to study at the PUCPR Londrina Campus and live a unique experience. Here you will become a better professional, better prepared to overcome the current challenges and, above all, give your contribution to a better society.