PUCPR is constantly engaged in educational initiatives aiming at excellence in teaching, research, innovation, and civic engagement and a key concept of our philosophy is the non-dissociation between these four major areas in which the presence of the academia is mandatory. With that in mind, our faculty, students, and staff are encouraged to join forces with the ultimate goal to contribute to the development of highly skilled, critical, ethical and creative individuals – both at the professional and personal levels – and, by doing so, to promote the generation of scientific knowledge and innovative solutions for the challenges of our modern society, while causing immediate positive social impact whenever possible.

As a top-ranked research university in Brazil, PUCPR promotes high-quality teaching associated with the scientific investigation, from the undergraduate – through scientific initiation scholarship programs – to the graduate level training – masters and Ph.D. programs.


If you are interested in joining our teaching and/or research initiatives, please feel free to navigate through our programs for international faculty and scientists and don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected] for any further information. We are honored by your interest and always ready to help.