Internationalization opens the university’s doors to the world. PUCPR believes it is necessary to go beyond borders to ensure that global knowledge, research, and human development are accessible to all.

  • Partnership with 260+ higher education institutions around the world.
  • 100+ courses taught in foreign language, in different undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • 500+ undergraduate students enrolled in exchange programs every year (incoming and outgoing).
  • Presence of international faculty and researchers from all over the world at PUCPR.
  • Double degree agreements with universities worldwide in the areas of economics, business management, architecture and urban planning, product design, literature, journalism, advertising, marketing, and mechatronics.


PUCPR has academic cooperation agreements with over 260 partner universities from more than 45 countries in all continents, which provides students and faculty members from a variety of institutions to acquire a Brazilian academic experience.

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Global Classes
PUCPR is the leading Brazilian institution in offering undergraduate classes entirely in English. But for 2020, we want to take a step further towards the internationalization of our University, and for that, we are releasing the Global Classes Program that will offer an array of classes offered in different languages to both local and international students. The program will include options of classes in other languages and will allow international students to complete an entire semester of study in a foreign language while interacting with Brazilian students, experiencing different cultural perspectives, and broadening their overall knowledge and understanding. Learn more.

Summer Institute
Students can apply and take credit-earning classes twice a year: in Curitiba, Brazil, during the southern hemisphere summer (January and February) or in Florence, Italy, during the European summer (June and July). In both cases, you will have the opportunity to develop hard and soft skills while adding international value to your curriculum. Course options are updated every year, allowing for the permanent offering of an exciting array of choices that make the most of its two headquarters, located in incredible and internationally renowned cities. Learn more.

Buddy Program
An initiative developed by PUCPR alumni participants of PUCPR exchange programs that aims at assisting international students in their cultural and social adjustment at PUCPR during their exchange program. The match happens after the student is admitted and through our system.

American Academy
The pioneering program in which the students start their undergraduate studies in Brazil and do the last two or three years in the United States, with the possibility of a double degree. A partnership between PUCPR and Kent State University (Ohio-USA) brings to Brazil the most innovative program in Latin America. Learn more.

Undergraduate Research Scholarship – PIBIC International
Research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. The Undergraduate Research Program is designed to introduce students to the scientific research environment, while the PIBIC Master is focused on talented senior students interested in pursuing a master’s degree at PUCPR. Learn more.

Double Degree Programs
PUCPR offers an expanding number of double-degree opportunities at both undergraduate and graduate levels with institutions in countries such as Italy, Spain, and France in many academic areas. Learn more.

Short-Term Program
For both inbound and outbound communities, developed in specific academic areas of interest through collaboration with partner institutions. Further information at [email protected]

Language & Culture Program

It is offered twice a year, during the winter and summer terms with a duration of 3 weeks with Intensive Portuguese Training and cultural activities. Learn more.


Internationalizing higher education is no longer an option, but rather a necessity for every university committed to the quality of teaching, research, and extended learning. The great modern challenges of society, while having a local impact, are of global scale – energy, sustainability, cities, health, human rights, among others – and therefore, their solutions depend on the development of leaders with global vision and presence.

PUCPR decided to take on this task when it chose internationalization as an institutional priority. In this scenario, the Rectory, through the Pro-Rectory for Research, Graduate Programs and Innovation, and the Office for Internationalization has created a proposal for the internationalization of the University for the period from 2016 to 2022 (revised in 2018).

In summary, the PUCPR Strategic Plan for Internationalization 2016-2022 (revised in 2018) is organized in two broader axes, each one with three guidelines:

Axis 1 | InPUC – Internationalization within the Gates
     – Guideline 1 of InPUC – Internationalization at Home
     – Guideline 2 of InPUC – Capillarization of the Internationalization
     – Guideline 3 of InPUC – Infrastructure Adequacy
Axis 2 | OutPUC – Internationalization outside the Gates
     – Guideline 1 of InPUC – Promoting Outgoing Mobility
     – Guideline 2 of InPUC – Communication, Relationship, and Global Positioning

     – Guideline 3 of InPUC – Professionalizing the process of International Partnerships Management

The proposal aims to include the entire academic community in an effort to make PUCPR a truly borderless University.