Teaching at PUCPR can be an exciting experience! The university is at the edge of modern education: our undergraduate programs are all based on competency development rather than simply absorbing technical content, and a wide range of teaching tools are available to our faculty, from active methodologies to distance teaching/learning, all inserted into environments that favor creativity and interaction. In addition, PUCPR is the leading Brazilian university in offering undergraduate and graduate classes entirely in English through our English Semester Program – thus, using EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) is more than welcome at PUCPR!

There are two models of enrolment as a permanent faculty member at PUCPR: full-time contract (40 hours/week) or through an hour-based agreement; for both options, candidates must qualify and comply with the Brazilian job legislation, as well as fulfill the specific academic requirements of the Schools. Alternatively, international faculty can join in temporarily for periods of work ranging from two weeks up to one full year. For more information, please contact the PUCPR International Office at [email protected].

Ph.D. International Schools

Since 2013, the institution organizes Ph.D. International schools, an opportunity to explore and share students research interests in an international forum, under the guidance of experts internationally known.

At the Ph.D. International Schools students can:
• Submit a research study in a high-standard academic environment;
• Acquire a worldwide perspective of their research area;
• Network with Ph.D. students from around the globe, and share research studies, discuss job market, among other common subjects;

The Ph.D. International schools are composed of Brazilian and researchers from different countries who give lectures in English on a research field, for a period of 45 to 90 hours.


  • Count on at least two foreign researchers who are internationally recognized for their expertise and contribution to the field;
  • Allow obtaining course credits as in a regular graduate course;
  • Work in collaboration with international peers on a literature review production. As a result, the doctoral schools develop highly qualified researchers, prepared for a globalized performance, and generation of knowledge through high-quality scientific studies.


PUCPR is engaged in bringing internationally well-regarded scientific researchers that can add value in high-level studies conducted by graduate faculty and students, as well as help advancing the university’s strategic areas. The visiting researcher may receive a research grant from either a national or international organization, or from PUCPR itself.

Are you interested in doing research at PUCPR? Get to know our graduate programs and learn more about the scientific studies you might want to collaborate.