Campus Toledo

The PUCPR Toledo Campus began its activities in 2003 as a result of interaction and acceptance by the community of the region. The interaction continues to occur through the direct action of undergraduate and specialization courses, research, and partnerships.

| Undergraduate Programs (in Portuguese):   Accounting   |   Agronomy   |   Business Administration   |   Law   |   Production Engineering   |   Psychology   |   Veterinary Medicine


The PUCPR Toledo Campus is a pioneer in the internationalization action with the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW), San Antonio, Texas, USA. This action, carried out together with the pharmaceutical industry Prati, Donaduzzi, has made possible since 2013 the arrival in Toledo of more than 25 students of Feik School of Pharmacy and H.E.B. School of Business & Administration, both of UIW, in order to exchange studies at the PUCPR Câmpus Toledo and a professional internship at Prati Donaduzzi.


The PUCPR Toledo Campus has a complete infrastructure, with classrooms to allow application of active learning methodologies, library, auditorium, parking lots and research laboratories.

Psychological Practice Center

University Veterinary Clinic, responsible for attending the internal and external public, besides being the center of the Program of Professional Improvement in Veterinary Medicine;

Experimental Agricultural and Livestock Unit, partner of multinational companies such as Syngenta, Monsanto and Adamá, developing products, inputs and technologies;

Legal Practice Center, serving the as Judicial Center for Conflict and Citizenship Solutions (CEJUSC)

RedFoot Business Accelerator, responsible for stimulating and supporting students, teachers and entrepreneurs in general in the development of new business.

Regarding scientific research, more than 600 research projects were developed at PUCPR Toledo Campus by students of all the undergraduate programs through the PIBIC, PIBITI and PIBIC Jr. Including several research projects awarded in national and international congresses.