Law School

PUCPR’s Law School offers a legal education based on humanistic values and principles, forming professionals with a keen critical sense and political awareness for mediating conflicts arising from existing differences in society.

The Law student should go beyond taking notes and memorizing legislations. At PUCPR’s Law School our focus is on developing what we denotate higher cognitive dimensions. In other words, it is the apprehension of competencies for analysis, judgment, and creation. It is throughout these elements that the students will be able to develop their activities, by making use of what they learn in the classrooms.

The use of active learning methodology occurs throughout the whole course and the law student beside the universal disciplines will be able to choose for completing other subjects for deepening purposes, what we denominate trails. Students participate in both national and international competitions along with other Law Courses to debate matters of extreme legal relevance, and we’re thrilled for having excellent results with our students achieving first place in those competitions.

Our model allows for the formation of professionals with an active, cooperative and an autonomous posture, being able to face complex situations and making decisions based on the knowledge acquired. The Law student, above anything else, needs to know how to act when facing complex situations, and that is what he will learn at PUCPR.

Prof. Eduardo de Oliveira Agustinho, Dean


PUCPR’s Law School is the University’s center dedicated to the education, research and extension linked to the legal sphere.
The faculty is composed of professors, Ph.D.s, and Masters selected among the best researchers and professionals with substantial work in many different legal careers, allowing a close relationship between theory and practice. Also, it aids to form a Bachelor of Law suitable for the performance of any legal career, with a high degree of proficiency and high capacity for logical and critical reasoning.

PUCPR’s Law School encourages, from undergraduate up until Ph.D. levels, the formation of citizens and professionals with solid critical reasoning, through the promotion of research, as a scientific initiation and teaching tools, providing autonomy in the learning process, seeking to prepare future researchers and law scientists.


undergraduate - PTgraduate


PUCPR’s Law School has as its differential the Graduate Program in Economic and Socioenvironmental Law, which offers masters and doctorate programs. There is a comprehensive integration between the postgraduate course and the undergraduate course, mainly through the Scientific Initiation Programs, in which students of the Law Course develop research and projects under the guidance of the professors of the course linked to the masters and doctorate programs.


Provides a humanistic formation which allows an active posture on the social context, professional and personal spheres. With that, it has facilities designed to aid on the theoretical and practical formation of students. PUCPR has fully equipped facilities for simulations intimately linked to the reality of a court. In the simulated Jury, the students will have facilities identical to those of real courts.

It’s the opportunity for learning inserted in a professional environment and living one of the most relevant activities for their careers before even leaving the University. It was thinking of these needs of living the Jury that PUCPR’s Law School developed this idea of a modern and complete environment which meets all the requirements for an excellent education. Space is used by undergraduate, as part of their syllabus. As for Masters and Doctorate students, it is used for defending thesis and dissertations.


The Trails in Law Program
The great innovation on PUCPR’s Law School is the extracurricular program called The Trails in Law, composed of integrated knowledge modules which build the road to improvement of a specific formation in the legal field. It’s another opportunity for students to take control and lead the ways of its development.

The Trails in Law Program promotes an environment that can multiply interdisciplinary experiences, developing an integrated vision of areas linked to the legal sphere. All students and PUCPR’s alumni can participate on this program, besides other institutions interested in developing competencies not absorbed in its original formation.

The School’s Highlights
The University has as its mission the constant evolution of its alumni, encouraging a continuous formation, with strong integration between undergraduate and graduate levels, sharing research projects among students from the levels above under the supervision of Ph.D. professors.

Also, there’s a strong incentive for student exchange, through established agreements with renowned institutions abroad, and the possibility of using the disciplines in the academic curriculum of PUCPR; Encouraging research among students and faculty, with the potential of scientific initiation scholarships; Access of undergraduate students to research groups, with an incentive to the publication and dissemination of papers.

Active Methodologies
The education and learning at the Law School are based on the usage of Active Methodologies which places the students in the spotlight of the educational process of knowledge. Case studies, TBL – Team-Based Learning, PBL – Project Based Learning and Flipped Classroom are some of the applied methodologies that transform the learning process and provide the construction of a solid knowledge base and of a professional capable of, autonomously, situate itself in the most complex real cases.

Legal Practices Center
The Law School has the Legal Practices Center (NPJ) for developing simulated and real practical activities, which are focused on serving the lower income people and acting in real processes, under the supervision of Faculty Advisors. The Center also maintains agreements for the training and improvement of students, which allows direct contact with the practices of their careers.

Research and Innovation
PUCPR’s Law School has as one of its highlights the Graduate program in Economic and Socio-Environmental Law, which is offered both at Masters and Ph.D. levels. There is a comprehensive integration between the postgraduate course and the undergraduate course, mainly through the Scientific Initiation Programs, in which students of the Law course develop research and projects under the guidance of the professors of the course linked to the Masters and Ph.D.

International Initiatives
PUCPR has developed a strategic plan for the continuous internationalization of its international curriculum, activities, and services that have gradually changed the culture of the university, transforming it into a culturally rich, varied and vibrant universe. Currently, the University’s merit in achieving excellence in education has been recognized internationally through partnerships that promote annual mobility of approximately 400 students. The University’s efforts in internationalization were also acknowledged through the Santander Internationalization Award in 2012.