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Welcome to the Business School – PUCPR! In our classrooms and interdisciplinary areas, we educate and develop entrepreneurs, leaders and managers with strategic vision from one of the most required values on the market: innovation.

Learning to innovate means to develop technical and personal skills that enable new perspectives, different solutions and response patterns. While working these aspects, we are also helping our students to understand the field of business administration, through a contemporary approach that uses entrepreneurship as a tool to produce valuable and sustainable results.

This approach is connected to the mission and values of our Marist institution, which resemble ethics, justice, solidarity and love of work. Therefore, at the Business School human education goes hand in hand with professional training, which is perceived in our graduates’ profile, who take from this education, the ability to enhance organizational human capital, within people management policies.

Internationalization is also in our DNA. We have exchange students from different countries, more than 15 courses offered in English each semester, exchange opportunities in major cities around the world, and the possibility of double degree through our Business Administration and Economics Programs.


The Business School, inspired by the mission of the Marist Group, the mission of PUCPR, and the university’s institutional principles and values, fulfill its mission by: "Developing entrepreneurial leaders who possess strategic vision and producing relevant knowledge, which will contribute sustainably to the transformation of organizations and society."

What We Seek:
To develop professional leaders through the implementation of projects and research with standards of excellence at national and international levels;
To contribute to the creation of competences, aligned with personal, professional, social and economic developments.



Our International Business Management Program offers a high-level bilingual education, with courses in English and in Portuguese, a range of practical activities, and at least a year of studies abroad as part of the curriculum, and the diplomas of two or more universities at the graduation.

The first diploma is the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, issued by PUCPR. For the second diploma, the student chooses among a list of partner universities from all over the world and for another Bachelor or an MBA degree. Some of the partner universities even offer the possibility of a third diploma, issued by a third partner university. The student also receives a PUCPR Certificate of International Management.

All of this can be achieved in 4 to 5 years of studies and is included in the program tuition: there are no extra fees for the time the student spends abroad.

To enroll in this program, the student needs to be approved at the regular PUCPR Business Administration Program through the Brazilian entrance examination (Vestibular) and then go through an interview to be approved for the International Business Management Program. It is mandatory for the student to have both English and Portuguese proficiency.

Further information at [email protected].


Systematic investigation
To analyze an organizational and socioeconomic phenomenon, in a systematic and structured perspective, under technical supervision, using methodologies and technological tools developed at our school, research in business and related areas, in professional and academic situations, with honesty, critical sense, and cooperation.

Transformational leadership
Engaging people in achieving goals, in different contexts, managing conflicts, developing and valuing individuals, through personal example and interpersonal relationships, in a collaborative way, with social responsibility.

Entrepreneurship and innovation
Develop innovative and sustainable solutions to organizational and societal challenges, planning actions, taking calculated risks and monitoring results, displaying persistence in the face of difficulties and flexibility in the face of contingencies.

Holistic envisioning
To propose organizational and socio-economic solutions from a comprehensive analysis of our societal scenario, considering the best national and international practices of planning, and systemic impacts assessment, seeking synergies with autonomy and cooperative attitude.

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