A PUCPR for each stage of its development

Here you find the necessary paths for all the moments of your formation. Come develop skills and work your way with a new way of thinking. Together we will construct questions to arrive at new answers capable of transforming the world. Check below the possibilities to study at PUCPR and come, let's rethink together!

Forms of Entry

PUCPR is open to you. The institution offers several possibilities of entrance in the Graduation like vestibular, ENEM, Transfers and Vestibular Exemption for Diplomates. Learn more about options to study at the best university in Paraná * and be part of a vibrant learning, practice and discovery environment.

* According to the Times Higher Education Latin America University Rankings 2017

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PUCPR Agenda

Devising 21st Higher Education with PUCPR

Home: 22 / 07 / 18

Finished: 25 / 07 / 18

Location: PUCPR

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Acolhida aos calouros da 1ª turma do American Academy

Home: 23 / 07 / 18

Finished: 23 / 07 / 18

Location: Espaço American Academy – 3º Andar – Bloco laranja.

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Acolhida aos calouros da graduação on-line 2º semestre

Home: 30 / 07 / 18

Finished: 31 / 07 / 18

Location: FTD Digital Arena, PUCPR.

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Let's rethink together?

The world is in constant transformation and its formation can not be different. It is necessary to qualify for the challenges of the future, which will require solutions as yet unknown. That is why PUCPR is prepared to be by your side and to seek new questions, which will lead us to unpublished answers. We believe that when we question together, we are capable of transforming the world.



The day-to-day of PUCPR in your timeline