School of Architecture & Design

The PUCPR School of Architecture and Design develops innovative, creative, critical, collaborative, researchers, and entrepreneurs to act in the environment in which they live, contributing to the development of a just and sustainable society, aiming at the well-being and quality of life of people.



The program for Architecture and Urbanism at PUCPR focusses on preparing multipurpose professionals who know how to permeate different areas and adapt quickly to new experiences. The curriculum itself demonstrates multiple areas of expertise, with emphasis on building projects, landscaping, interior design, restoration, design and urban planning.

The program with its new curriculum has become agiler, has changed from the volume of tasks to the quality of the contents discussed through active learning methodologies. Throughout the five-year period, the students will go through a learning process molding their knowledge around their idealized study plan and will be able to understand and assimilate the complexity and interfaces between the different areas of expertise.

The program prepares you for the design, building, landscape or an entire urban area intervention or restoration. For this matter, qualified architects or designers must learn: theories and methods guided by philosophical, ethnic-cultural, historical and socio-economic references; the needs and desires of the spaces users; the environmental conditions that caracterize the project terrain and its surroundings; legal and urban aspects that outline rules and regulations for the project development; the specificities that guide sustainable proposals and comfort solutions for the users; the technical, technological and constructive possibilities.

The architects´ mindset should be translated as an analytical, multidisciplinary and collaborative professional; the skilled architect is trained to easily

communicate in different areas, where shared experience and execution with different specialists is productive and eficient. The Architects and Urban Planners are well prepared professionals to identify problems of different scales, from the buildings to the city, understanding the environment that surrounds it.

The Architecture and Urbanism Program at PUCPR offers connections to other undergraduate courses, allowing the students to study other subjects as well as to carry out integrated activities in other areas of the University. For the career field, the Architects find space in the provision of services, as a self employee or working in companies, in the public or private sector.

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The Design Program at PUCPR is pioneer in the Southern of Brazil. For over 40 years, our students stand out for their inovative and progressive spirit. This groundbreaking spirit is at the heart of the design program offer, alligned to the new market trends and professional activities, and to the new ideas for education and training.

The Design Program at PUCPR prepares the student to exercise critical sense, systemic thinking, and strategic positioning, applying a broad and rich repertoire of instruments, techniques, processes, and materials in their day to day basis. To set the reading of different scenarios, to raise the needs, to elaborate, conceive and implement innovative and practical solutions in a wide range of areas: Products development, manufacturing, fashion, textiles, games, systems, and services, among other abilities developed during the program. To understand and apply the design as a management tool, using strategic methodologies to build a better society more balanced and with a better quality of life.

Designers are visionaries
The designers are attentive creative to the technological and behavioral changes of their time.They are adventurous in the continuous search of meeting the yearnings of an increasingly complex, diversified society with different social, cultural and technological backgrounds. With aesthetic and a practical vision, the professional generates new ideas and uses the different links between various areas of knowledge and trends as a steppingstone for the projects. Job Market Design as a tool for structuring ideas and new business and service models became a trending topic.

The market looks for new leaders, capable of working with the new, with the constant change of models and ways of doing things. When it comes to professional and career development, this sets a very favorable scenario.


Making your own path, establishing a direct relationship between the academic content and your passion, is the desire of an entire generation that has learned from childhood to define their choices and where they´re heading. The Design Program at PUCPR offers possibilities that transcend the traditional format of Brazilian undergraduate programs. Thus, the program allows the students to create their learning pathway, having available a whole universe of reliable knowledge and multiple possibilities, that are nationally and internationally recognized.

Innovative Curriculum
Highly innovative state-of-the-art labs;Models and prototypes, animation, graphic arts, image, 3D modeling, sewing and textile technology labs.

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The school provides a complete international experience for the students with several activities such as:

Exchange Programs among over 30 universities abroad;

English Semester with courses offered by local professors entirely in English;

Double Degree Agreement with Università degli Studi di Ferrara
 for the Architecture and Urbanism Program;

MARCA Project, 
which establishes a broad mobility network involving students and professors from 14 South American universities;

Partnership with the Cleveland UrbanDesign Collaborative
 for the Neighborhood Project, under development by the Cities Lab. Institutional missions are held at the Kent State University Campus, where various opportunities for collaboration are discussed;

Double Degree Program between the Architecture and Urbanism Program and Kent State University, 
in which the student from PUCPR has the possibility of starting his studies with American Professors at PUCPR Campus and finishing at the Kent State Campus;

 Towards Sustainability, a Latin American network that provides a relationship with Mexican universities for the development of research and scientific events;

Extending Learning Program in Italy with Kent State University, in which the students can enrich their repertoire by understanding the visual, historical and cultural identity of spaces and people connecting to the universes of Art, Architecture, and Design.

Study tours in Brazil

Minas Gerais, an extending learning program that comprehends 60 contact hours and addresses the study of the society that flourished during the gold cycle in the 18th century, focusing mainly on the architecture and techniques used in the construction of Brazil’s most expressive baroque ensemble.

Rio de Janeiro, where a vision of works of architecture, landscaping, and urbanism and everything around it is promoted. For a visit to the complex of the Niemeyer Path, to the work of Heidy and Roberto Burle Marx, as well as to the work of Cristian de Portzampark and the City of Arts.


The Graduate Program in Urban Management (PPGTU) is a transdisciplinary center for urban studies, part of the School of Architecture and Design, based at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR). Strategically located in Curitiba, Brazil – a city known for its innovative role in urban, transport and environmental planning- and established in 2002, PPGTU offers research degrees at Masters and Ph.D. levels. Every year there are 20 Masters and 10 Ph.D. candidates enrolled, some of them from the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia. The focus of the program comprises the following research areas: urban and regional planning and design; environmental management and technologies; and public policy. PPGTU is also responsible for the publication of URBE, a major Latin American journal in urban studies, indexed in Scopus and Scielo.

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estudante de design da pucpr
estudantes do curso de design de moda da pucpr em aula prática no tear
estudantes do curso de arquitetura e urbanismo pucpr em aula no laboratorio de modelos
estudantes do curso de arquitetura e urbanismo da pucpr em aula no laboratório de modelos - maquetaria