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English Semester at Business School

The official language on third floor of Business School, at PUCPR, is not Portuguese. Walking around, you hear people speaking in English. This is the place where the “English Semester” happens.Currently, about 50 foreign students from eleven countries take part in the program that gives an opportunity to attend many courses offered in English at PUCPR.

PUCPR was one of the first universities in Brazil to create and offer to its national and international learning community courses taught entirely in English, at Business School. The English Semester at PUCPR also offers students, international and local, the enriching opportunity to discuss several topics and learn from a wide range of cultural perspectives, therefore, expanding their knowledge of the business world and people.

The English Semester offers, in both semesters of each year (beginning in February and July), courses in English. Professors apply active learning methodologies designed to develop leaders among potential students with a holistic and global vision. There are several activities for interaction with executives of national and multinational companies such as lectures, technical visits, case studies and research, encouraging students to decision making and problem solving in a sustainable manner.

In addition to learning how to “do business in Brazil”, students develop levels of understanding with international benchmark, over 100 exchange students share experiences with students from different parts of the world: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Canada, United States, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, China, Angola, Austria.

The opportunities to perform multicultural and global analyzes are extremely high:

  • Comparative studies among organizations in the same industry in different parts of the world.
  • Analysis of business models applied in organizations in Brazil and other countries.
  • Scientific production involving students from different universities.
  • Business Administration: Double Diploma with UNIFE – Ferrara (Italy)
  • Economics: Double Diploma with UNIFE – Ferrara (Italy)
  • Marketing: Double Diploma with UVIC – Universitat de Vic (Spain)

Join Business School in this diversity, an atmosphere of excellence, hospitality and Brazilianness!

Universidades Parceiras no Double Degree

No Double Degree o estudante recebe diploma pela PUCPR e pela universidade parceira.

Frankfurt University of
Applied Sciences

Varna University of

Solbridge School
of Business
(Coréia do Sul)

Universidad Catolica
de Murcia

University of Vic

East Central
(Estados Unidos)

Burgundy School
of Business



Rennes School
of Business


Universidad Marista

Moldova State University

Kozminski University

St Mary’s University,
Twickenham London
(Reino Unido)

State University
of Management

University of San Marino
(San Marino)

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