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The American Academy is for students seeking a brighter future. It’s a new partnership between PUCPR and Kent State University, for you who want a global experience while earning your degree. For the first two years of studies, you will take Kent State classes taught in English by Kent State faculty members at PUCPR. After that, you can choose where to complete your studies, with more than 300 program options in Brazil or in the US.

Global experience, benefits without borders

According to your choices, get a Kent State degree, or a PUCPR bachelor’s degree, or a double degree

The American Academy has an exclusive recruitment process and supports you during the first 2 years of study to choose the career path that better suits you.
During these 2 first years, experience the Kent State University’s US-style education at PUCPR’s Curitiba Campus.
It means to experience the US classrooms reality, with classes taught in English, Kent State University faculty members, and Brazilian and International classmates, within PUCPR’s infrastructure.
Special note: from your enrollment, you are simultaneously a PUCPR student and a Kent State University student.
The courses in the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts areas of the United States education, combined with varied extracurricular activities, ensure a full-time education within international quality standards. Discover the American Academy’s courses list below.
At the end of the first two years, you will receive the Associate of Sciences Degree issued by Kent State University and, better yet, choose which career to pursue and where to finish your studies:
– In the US: more than 300 Kent State programs of study options, at Kent Campus; or
– In Brazil: around 20 PUCPR programs of study options, with options at Curitiba, Maringa, Londrina and Toledo Campuses.
The choice is yours and the American Academy will help you reach your career goals. At the end of your studies, and according to your choices, you will receive one of the followings: a Kent State degree, a PUCPR bachelor’s degree, or a double degree.
The professional graduated in any of the programs of study with the American Academy curriculum leaves the University ready for the job market, with vital skills in today’s global society, such as inquiry and analysis, critical and creative thinking, written and oral communication, quantitative and information literacy, and teamwork and problem-solving.
The American Academy’s courses list:
First Year Experience | Comparative Politics |College Writing I |College Writing II |Music as a World Phenomenon | Introduction to Sociology | Principles of Microeconomics | Principles of Macroeconomics | International Business | Introduction to Conflict Management | Analytic Geometry & Calculus I | Modern America | Life on Planet Earth | Laboratory Experience in Biology | Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad | Introduction to Human Communication | World History: Modern | Seven Ideas That Shook the Universe | General Psychology | Introduction to Ethics | Frontiers in Astronomy | Great Books Since 1700
Unlike the traditional Brazilian Universities, you do not need the Prep Courses, nor the Enem and Vestibular exams to enter the American Academy. The recruitment process happens by the analysis of your documents and an interview that value your academic history. Check the details below:
1. Fill out the application form by clicking here.
2. Print the invoice and pay the R$90 application tax.
3. Upload your documents to the Candidate’s Area (see the list below).
4. If you meet all the minimum requirements, we will contact you to arrange an interview, which might be in person or via video call.
5. When approved in the interview, welcome to the American Academy! You will receive an American Academy acceptance letter and now you are ready to enroll.
List of documents required:
– Secondary School Graduation Certificate/Diploma/Attending Certificate (original document and a Certified English translation).
– Secondary School Transcripts/detailed mark sheets (original document and a Certified English translation). To be converted to the US GPA and your grades need to be equal or greater than 2,5 (the equivalent to 6.5 to 7.0 in the Brazilian grading system).
– English language proficiency scores. Accepted tests and minimum scores:
TOEFL Ibt of 71; or
IELTS score of 6.0; or
MELAB score of 75; or
PTE Academic score of 48.
– Motivation letter (in English): tell us who you are, what your plans are and why you should be accepted to the American Academy.

| CLASSES START: 07/23/2018

Admission Policy

Enjoy the exclusive benefits of an early enrollment:

  •  American Academy experience: special classes taught by Kent State University faculty members, English conversation intensive courses and more
  • PUCPR Campus Curitiba access: library, sports gym

About Kent State University

Kent State University is located within the city of Kent, Ohio, which is in the Midwest region of the United States. The university offers a high-quality education taught by well-regarded faculty who equip students with real-world knowledge, experience and skills. Kent State ranks as a first-tier National Universities according to U.S. News & World Report.

Learn more about Kent State University   |   Get to know Kent, your next college town in Ohio, USA.

+ 40.000 students+ 2.600 faculty members

+ 100 years of tradition in higher education in the USA+ 300 majors+ 70 graduate programs

Shui | China

Business Administration

I’ve met a lot of friends from different countries. From Saudi Arabia, from Japan and Korea, from Brazil and the United States, of course. They have been very kind and friendly, and we had a great time together.  

Ibrahim | Saudi Arabia

Digital Sciences

At Kent State, everyone is supportive and they know how I feel as a foreigner. Whenever I ask for help, they don’t hesitate. 

Sai | India

Digital Sciences

For any parent when he wants to send his child to a different country or different place, the primary concern is safety. Kent State…is one of the safest places to live in for a male or female student. 

Jacqueline | Ghana

Psychology, Pre-Medicine

The best thing about Kent State is the people. The food at the Student Center. And downtown Kent is simply amazing.


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