School of Life Sciences

The PUCPR School of Life Sciences offers comprehensive and transdisciplinary training, which enables the integrated understanding of the themes related to health. The student becomes a professional attentive to the challenges imposed by the population growth and the intense use of natural resources.

Human health, other living beings, and the environment are inseparable and need balance. It is in this context that the modern concept of Single Health is born, which brings in its essence the will to transform the world into a better place, understanding the interdependence between humans, animals, and the environment.


The School of Life Sciences provides students with opportunities for international experience with internationalization at home activities, exchange programs, development of projects with international partners, the offer of courses taught in English through the English Semester program, online classes with international collaborators, and courses using international MOOCs.

It is important to highlight the Double Degrees opportunities of our School. The Pharmacy program has a Double Degree partnership with the University of Ferrara (Italy) and the Agronomy program with Fesia (France). The other programs of the School are negotiating Double Degrees opportunities for the upcoming years.



Mission Life is a competition that engages students from the participating institutions in the development of innovative designs, ideas, tools, products, resources, and/or services that address health needs all over the world. Universities worldwide are incorporating experiences outside the classroom where students can link academic knowledge with real-world needs.


As an important learning instrument, our school offers to the students a complete infrastructure for practical activities through the curricula, research, and extra classes initiatives.

–  Gralha Azul Experimental Farm – FEGA: an experimental farm where we offer interdisciplinary activities, using high technologies and collaborating with the agribusinesses.

– Pharmacy School: a lab for the students to have laboratory and experiential training related to medicines’ manipulation and pharmaceutical services.

– Clinical School of Physiotherapy: provides services to the local community in the areas of Electrotherapy, Phototherapy, Kinesiotherapy, a station for Resistance Therapeutic Exercises, and Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Kinesiotherapy and March Analysis Laboratory).

– Dentistry Clinic: graduate and undergraduate students can apply their knowledge under the orientation of our faculty in the following areas: Surgery, Endodontics, Periodontics, Stomatology, Patients with Special Needs, Collective Health, Pediatric Dentistry, Prosthesis, Orthodontics, Radiology, dental trauma.

– Veterinary School Clinic – CVEfacilities with the capacity of attendance of up to 40 animals per day, most of them being pets – dogs, and cats.

– Sports Center: offers various fitness facilities that support academic and recreational activities, serving both the university and the local communities.

– Nursing Clinic: specialized in Enterostomal Therapy, the clinic offers treatment for patients with stomas, incontinence, dermal ulcers, and wounds.

– Nutrition Clinic: provides outpatients Diet Therapy, Bariatric Surgery, Sports Nutrition, Maternal-Child, and Adolescent Nutrition.

– Zoology Museum and Herbarium HUCP

– Psychology Practical Clinic: performs care in the areas of Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Vocational and Professional Orientation, Psychopedagogy, Family Therapy, Organizational, High skilled/gifted, Promotion of Healthy Aging, Child Social Skills, Psychology Student Advising, and Environmental Psychology.

– L’Hermitage Gastronomy Training Restaurant: educational environment, supported by experienced faculty members, where students learn and practice fine culinary and service while guests enjoy an elegant and delicious dining experience.