International - 07 jun 2021

PUCPR has been ranked as one of the best private Universities for 3 consecutive years

PUCPR is one of the best private universities in Brazil

For the second consecutive year, PUCPR has been ranked among the best universities in Brazil, according to the Índice Geral de Cursos (General Course Index / IGC 2019), recently launched by the Ministério da Educação (Brazilian Ministry of Education / MEC) and the Instituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisas Educacionais Anísio Teixeira (National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira / INEP). The national ranking includes 91 private universities, given that PUCPR is ranked in the top 7 among Brazilian private universities. As in Paraná State, it’s been ranked the number 1 place among private institutions.

The IGC is based on a weighted average of undergraduate and graduate programs (Stricto Sensu) at each institution. The goal is to summarize the quality of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs at universities as a single indicator. The indexes are based on few pointers: students’ and researchers’ performance during their academic years, Faculty, pedagogical proposal, and infrastructure available to students.

This moment reflects on the investment made by PUCPR in a differentiated learning concept, as well as in an innovative pedagogical project adopted in recent years and which is now part of the institution’s “teaching DNA.” The IGC scale ranges from 1 to 5, and PUCPR has received a score of 4.

“We cannot say that this outcome surprises us. After all, PUCPR’s good positioning of the 2019 IGC comes from within the University’s effort in research and the continuous search from all of our employees and student body for excellence and innovation. We are ahead of many traditional private institutions in the country, with recognized quality and national reputation. This reflects hard work and dedication, and we want to keep on evolving”, says Renata Werneck, PUCPR Pro-Rector of Undergraduate Programs.


PUCPR is the best University in Paraná, according to Times Higher Education

For another year, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR) was once again been highlighted in the British magazine Times Higher Education (THE) and pointed out as the best institution in the State of Paraná. The Times Higher Education Emerging Economies University Rankings 2021 includes only institutions in countries classified by the London Stock Exchange’s FTSE Group as advanced emerging”, secondary emerging,” or “frontier” countries

The rankings use the same 13 performance indicators as the THE World University Rankings to judge institutions on their teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook. However, they have different weightings to reflect the development priorities of universities in emerging economies PUCPR had been the only private institution in the State of Paraná to appear among 52 Brazilian universities listed.

According to the ranking, PUCPR is the leader in scientific research in the State of Paraná. The University has invested heavily in research in recent years and considers it a top priority. As a Catholic institution, PUCPR sees research as part of the human quest for truth.

According to Professor Paula Cristina Trevilatto (PUCPR Pro-rector of Research, Graduate Studies, and Innovation), the University’s good position in an internationally prestigious ranking comes from the institution’s focus on research and relentless search for excellence at different levels.

“It also reflects on the University efforts throughout 2020, which we have been faced with an unprecedented situation with the new coronavirus pandemic. Very quickly, we changed our activities from face-to-face to remote format, without losing any quality on teaching, and that is very characteristical of the institution”, she says.



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