International - 20 abr 2021

Double degree agreement between UCONN and PUCPR

PUCPR Law School has signed a Double Degree agreement with the University of Connecticut School of Law. Students in the PUCPR Master of Laws and Doctorate in Law Programs (PPGD-PUCPR) will be able, from 2021 on, to participate in an annual selection process that will select up to 7 students to attend one of UCONN Law’s four LL.M Programs – (i) US Legal Studies; (ii) Human Rights & Social Justice; (iii) Energy & Environmental Law; (iv) Insurance Law – with grants of up to 50% discount.

Participants will take part in the credits in courses at PPGD-PUCPR and interest in one of UCONN’s LLM Programs. The master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation will be written in English, under the co-supervision of a faculty member from PPGD-PUCPR and a faculty member from UCONN, and defended before an examining board composed of members of both institutions. In the end, the student will receive two diplomas: one from PUCPR (Master of Laws or Doctorate in Law) and one from UCONN (LL.M degree).

To participate in the program, students must first pass the PPGD-PUCPR master’s or doctoral selection process, whose enrollment takes place between July and September, to start the following year. Once enrolled at PPGD-PUCPR, the student will be able to apply to the selection process to enter the Double Degree program between May and June to start classes at UCONN’s LL.M program in August/September of the same year.

On April 20, 2021, at 4:00 pm, a program launch event will be held with the presence of UCONN professors Peter Lindseth, Carrie Field, and Yan Wong.

For more information, contact the Agent for Internationalization from PUCPR Law School, Prof. Dr. Jordão Violin ([email protected]).


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