International - 23 ago 2021

PUCPR hosts an international conference on technology in smart and sustainable organizations

The Graduate Program in Production and Systems Engineering (PPGEPS) at PUCPR was honored to host an online event for the 18th International Conference in Product Lifecycle Management of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing, Grupo W.G 5.1). The event took place on July 11 to 14 and had 98 speakers from 22 different countries.

The theme of the Conference was “Green & Blue Technologies to support smart and sustainable organizations,” which had been divided into three special sessions: PLM Maturity, PLM implementation, and Adoption within Industry 4.0; Sustainability, Sustainable Development and Circular Economy and Blockchain Integration with Enterprise Applications.

“The Conference is internationally known for encouraging the development of research in partnership with industry and addressing topics of high relevance to applied sciences, and innovating different business segments,” says Professor Osiris Canciglieri Junior, Chairman of this edition for the Conference along with Professor Abdelaziz Bouras, from the University of Qatar.



The Polytechnic School Faculty were also fully participated at the Conference; Professors Anderson Szejka, Eduardo Loures, Eduardo Portela, Gilberto Meza, Marcelo Rudek, and Roberto Zanetti from the PPGEPS have evaluated the research projects and overseen all the scientific sessions. For the Conference kickoff, the Dean of the Polytechnic School, Professor Andreia Malucelli had the opening speech.

Over the following four days, more than 100 papers have been presented in 25 different technical sessions and three special sessions. The program had also included eight academic and five industrial lectures, one round table, and one Doctoral workshop. There have been incredible guests speakers, Professors, and Researchers, but here are some of the names that stood out: Robert Young (Loughborough University), Rodrigo Lozano (University of Gävle), Cecilia Vilas Boas (Paulista University), Ubiratã Tortato (PUCPR), Elias Ribeiro da Silva (the University of Southern Denmark and PPGEPS egress) and Luiz Spinosa (Araucaria Foundation).

For the Industry presentations, the Conference also had the honor to welcome the speakers Domingo Urenã (M&M Aeronautics) and Regis Ataíde (Siemens), David Berquelange (Renault), Alex Figueiredo (Volvo), and Renato Grottoli (Bosch and PPGEPS graduate).

As a closing event and an invitation to future partnerships, Professor Marcelo Távora Mira (Director of PUCPR International) has presented the possibilities of international collaborations with PUCPR. The event highlighted the relevance of PUCPR’s Production Engineering research, shining light on new perspectives of cooperation between universities and industry, nationally and internationally.

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