Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership International Immersion – KENT State University

Qualificar profissionais e alunos da PUCPR, em um Programa de curta duração, desenvolvendo habilidades empreendedoras, potencializando características inovadoras e desenvolvendo competências essenciais para o exercício das funções liderança em um ambiente corporativo, em um cenário de sociedade competitiva e conectada. Da mesma forma proporcionar ao participante uma visão de aspectos contemporâneos da Gestão Empresarial, com abordagem multidisciplinar em Finanças, Marketing, Estratégia e Inovação e no Desenvolvimento de Pessoas para uma visão sistêmica da dinâmica empresarial.

Entrepreneur Ecosystem – 4h

In recent years the fields of entrepreneurship studies, economic geography, urban economics, and the economics of entrepreneurship have moved closer to each other through research on the context of entrepreneurship (Ucbasaran et al., 2001; Welter, 2011; Zahra et al., 2014; Autio et al., 2014), the growing recognition that not all types of entrepreneurship are equally important for economic growth (Henrekson & Sanandaji ,2014; Stam et al., 2009; 2011; Wong et al., 2005), and the increasing interest in the entrepreneurial actor within urban and regional economics (Acs & Armington, 2004; Feldman, 2001; Glaeser et al., 2010). These developments have culminated in an emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem approach that explicitly focuses on how urban and regional contexts affect ambitious entrepreneurship. In this chapter we will review and discuss this emergent entrepreneurial ecosystem approach. We define entrepreneurial ecosystems as a set of interdependent actors and factors coordinated in such a way that they enable productive entrepreneurship within a particular territory.

US Market Outlook – 4h

US economic growth is expected to slow from 2.9% to 2.5% in 2019 due to tighter financial conditions and a fading fiscal stimulus, according to Goldman Sachs Research. The forecast also calls for multiple rate hikes as the Fed looks to keep the economy from overheating amid rising inflation and unemployment on a downward trajectory towards 3% by early 2020. For now, neither overheating nor financial imbalances — the classic causes of recessions— appear worrisome, raising the likelihood that the economic expansion remains on track to become the longest in US history in 2019. How this kind od dynamic can create a innovation ecosystem with lot’s of companies.

Innovation Hub – 8h

Innovation Hub is a service is a cost-recovery service comprising The Innovation Centers. The Network, Relationship, and the Curriculum Innovation consultants create a work closely with a range of partners including schools, community, and local business bringing together the expertise of learning and teaching consultants, technologists and media professionals to consult and deliver a wide range of projects and initiatives. They offer a range of services Joint Professional Development, technology loan boxes, mobile learning advice, state of the art training spaces, bespoke consultancy and can perform the whole kind of organization.

Technical Visit – 16h

Learn about KENT STATE UNIVERSITY ecosystem and its role in accelerating the digital revolution. Get an introduction to the economic drivers and major players that fuel technological innovation and shape the future of the local industries. Hear from thought leaders from KENT, Local Institutes and IT companies about the future of the automated world and who is most likely to win and to lose in the brave new digital world. Gain clarity on disruptive technology trends and challenges and opportunities they create.​ Discover critical digital capabilities you need to create a customer-centric journey​​.​​ Brainstorm with local visionaries how to make digital integral to your strategy​.Figure out where to invest to get the best return on investment for digital transformation.

Doing Business with US – 4h

Provides students with a basic understanding of international business, presenting views from both the home and host country perspectives through examination of various international business topics.Also provides a basic understanding of international business, presenting views from both the home and host country perspectives through examination of various international business topics related of US contemporary market.

Doing Business with Latin America – 4h

Latin America is a vast region of 600 million people stretching from the Rio Grande (called the Rio Bravo del Norte in Mexico) to Tierra del Fuego. This is a large market for US firms, including smaller and medium-size businesses (SMEs). You do not have to be a General Electric or IBM to do business in Latin America. Your key task in the course will be to develop market entry strategies for a Richmond-area business seeking to expand sales in Latin America. Each student consultant team will research, prepare, present (and defend!) strategic market entry plans for the client and me.

Review project – 20h

By the end of the module the successful student will be able to:
Critique theoretical frameworks and apply to practice in an international context.
Evaluate country risk and its impact on project selection and management Critically evaluate organisational cultures that encourage creativity,innovation and risk acceptance in the context of the management of international projects.
Evaluate options within a range of situations in conditions of limited knowledge or uncertainty.
Critically evaluate the risk management strategies that project managers adopt to help organisations succeed in an uncertain or turbulent environment.
in an international context.
Critically evaluate from a cross-cultural perspective the commercial and behavioural issues influencing the management of international projects.
Understand the difference about LA and US, and how teh companies can take some advantage in both ways.

Público Alvo

São elegíveis para participar do programa SOMENTE alunos e ex-alunos (alumni) de alguns programas de graduação e Pós Graduação da PUCPR, colaboradores de empresas e gestores que busquem um vivência internacional, um contato com o ecositema de inovação americano e a relação com o empreendedorismo internacional. Para acompanhamento das aulas, palestras e visitas é necessário contar com a proficiência em inglês (Não há tradução simultânea das palestras). * necessário VISTO NORTE AMERICANO.
O Certificado de Conclusão do curso, emitido pela PUCPR e a KENT State University, será fornecido ao aluno que frequentar o módulo, incluindo as visitas.

Jorge Biff Netto

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