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English Semester Program

Study in English at PUCPR!

A very important step in the university’s internationalization efforts is the English Semester. PUCPR was one of the first higher education institutions in Brazil to offer courses conducted entirely in English to international and local communities.

As part of the university´s international strategic plan, PUCPR intends to have by 2020 English courses taught in all its nine Schools, in all areas of knowledge.

Nowadays, the university has already implemented courses in seven Schools: Architecture and Design, Business, Communication and Arts, Life Sciences, Humanities and Education, Polytechnic and Law.

You can find the courses offered in English In the link bellow:

English Semester - 1st semester 2018.pdf

For further information, please contact:


International Mobility Coordinator

Valesca Walesko

valesca.walesko@pucpr.br – (41)3271-1556


International Officers (AGIs)

Escola de Arquitetura e Design

Prof. Bruno Augusto Hasenauer Zaitter (bruno.zaitter@pucpr.br) – (41)3271-2198

Escola de Comunicação e Artes

Prof.  Emerson Luiz Bomfim (agi.eca@pucpr.br) – (41)3271-1177

Escola de Direito

Prof.  Luciana Drimel Dias (luciana@drimeldias.com.br) – (41)3271-2212

Escola de Educação e Humanidades

Prof. Cauê Krüger (caue.kruger@pucpr.br) – (41)3271-1564

Escola de Negócios

Prof. Carlos Augusto Candeo Fontanini (c.fontanini@pucpr.br) – (41)3271-1477

Escola Ciências da Vida

Prof.  Cynthia França Wolanski Bordin (cynthia.b@pucpr.br) – (41)3271-2272

Escola Politécnica

Prof. Luiz Afonso Caprilhone Erbano (l.afonso@pucpr.br) – (41)3271-1627



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