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English Semester

English Semester


PUCPR was one of the first universities in Brazil to create and offer its national and international learning community subjects taught entirely in English.

Nowadays, the university has already implemented English courses in six Schools: Architecture and Design, Business, Communication and Arts, Health Sciences, Humanities and Education and Polytechnic.

PUCPR English Semester also offers students; international and local the enriching opportunity to sit side by side to discuss topics and learn from wide range of cultural perspectives therefore, expanding their knowledge of the world.

Please find here the Subjects in Portuguese that will be offered in the English Semester Program of your School:


Registration Requirements: 

1) Students can register through the intranet using their “tela de ajuste”.

2) Firstly, you will to need to identify the Portuguese subject and then edit to select their English equivalent.

3) Should you have any problems doing that, you can through the intranet, ask for papyrus called  “solicitar inclusão e exclusão de matéria” to include the subject into your schedule.


For further information regarding how to enroll in English subjects please contact:

Prof. Daniel Roberto Guimaraes Pereira (daniel.pereira@pucpr.br)  -  (41)  3271-2688

Lara de Lacerda Rodrigues  (lara.rodrigues@pucpr.br) – (41) 3271-1556


Alunos PUCPR

As disciplinas ofertadas no English Semester que fizerem parte da matriz curricular do seu curso poderão ser cursadas em equivalência. Basta fazer a solicitação de equivalência ao final do semestre. As demais disciplinas cursadas, e não passíveis de equivalência em seu curso, poderão ser usadas para crédito de optativas ou atividades complementares. Converse com o seu coordenador de curso


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