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Business School


Welcome to the Business School

In our classrooms and interdisciplinary areas, we educate and develop entrepreneurs, leaders and managers with strategic vision from one of the most required values on the market: Innovation.

Learning to innovate means to develop technical and personal skills that enables new perspectives, different solutions and response patterns.

By working these aspects, our students understand the business field with a contemporary vision, linked to entrepreneurship as a tool to generate values and sustainability for the results of their actions.

This approach is connected to the mission and values of our Marist institution, which resemble ethics, justice, solidarity and love of work. Therefore, at the Business School human education goes hand in hand with technical training, a perceived difference in the profile of graduates along with their ability to enhance the human capital of organizations within   people management policies.

Being international is also in the school DNA. We have exchange students from different countries, more than 10 courses are offered in English each semester, exchange opportunities in major cities in the world and the possibility of double degree for the Business Administration and Economics Programs.


What We Seek

- Develop professional and leaders through the implementation of projects and research with standards of excellence at national and international levels;

- Contribute to the creation of competences aligned with personal, professional, social and economic developments.


About us

The Business School - PUCPR includes the following programs: Undergraduate, Graduate (Masters and PhD), Lato Sensu Post-Graduate (Specializations and MBAs), Executive Education, in company services, and special study centers.

Since its foundation, the School has graduated over ten thousand professionals. Its faculty includes professors and highly qualified professionals, trained in the best business schools in the world and recognized professional experience.


A benchmark in quality education

The Business School had five programs awarded (starred) in 2014 by the Student Guide (Editora Abril), a reference to information on education in the country. Programs in Business Administration and Marketing achieved the maximum score (five stars) and Accounting and Tourism received four stars. The Economics Program was also highly rated with three stars.


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